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Elon Musk is Driving Tech Forward – CoT Episode 053

Come along as we count our blessings, such as truly broadband Satellite internet, brain implants, solar power at your local fueling station, leadfoot electrical generation, powering an entire island with…

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Aye yai yai, it’s AI! Show #052

Today we’ll discuss creatine, polling, blockchain, HyperLoop, earthquakes, AI, along with our regular features of content we like and today we learned. I am Ethan Banks @ecbanks and staring creepily…

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I Am Jack’s Wobbling Solar System

Summary: New research indicates that “Planet 9” probably exists, and it may be causing our solar system to wobble. We discuss the findings and implications as well as: the new Macbook (dongles,…

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Tesla wants to power your home – Episode 050

Today on Citizens of Tech, we bring you a candle that smells like the tears of a Chinese sweat shop, floating vinyl, Jeff’s iTunes, a tin foil hat for your…

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