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I Am Jack’s Wobbling Solar System

Summary: New research indicates that “Planet 9” probably exists, and it may be causing our solar system to wobble. We discuss the findings and implications as well as: the new Macbook (dongles,…

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Tesla wants to power your home – Episode 050

Today on Citizens of Tech, we bring you a candle that smells like the tears of a Chinese sweat shop, floating vinyl, Jeff’s iTunes, a tin foil hat for your…


Our Electric Future with Tony Posawatz – CoT 049

Today on Citizens of Tech, we interview Tony Posawatz, President & CEO of Invictus iCAR LLC. Tony’s had a long history in the automotive industry and electric vehicles specifically working…

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Why are we such cheapskates!? Episode 048

Recording remotely this week. Apologies for the airplanes in the background. But hey, such is the life of this citizen of tech who is on the road at a conference….

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