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Shining Light on Antimatter – Episode 57

Intro Today on Citizens of Tech, Rogue One spoilers all the way down! Nothing but spoilers. Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers… Just kidding! Flow Machines Project – making creation easier through deep…

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The Tesla Of Trash – Episode 56

Intro Welcome to episode 56 of the Citizens of Tech podcast. This show is about all things science and tech, cuz we’re into that sort of thing and presumably you…

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Giving Away Our Privacy One Click At A Time – Episode 55

In today’s show, the Citizens of Tech take on the news from the industries of energy, electric vehicles, off-the-grid living, consumer espionage, wireless networking, and medicine. Eric Sutphen and Ethan Banks…

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X-Rays for Deep Space Communication – Episode 054

Today on the show, we have the Impossible emDrive, a massive Tidal Turbine, X-Rays for space communication, artificially sweetened fatness, Content I Like and Today I Learned. EmDrive – Real…

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