When can you call yourself a cyborg? – Episode 58

The Citizens of Tech podcast opens 2017 with a look at the tech devices affecting us either right now or very soon along with today we learned and content we like.

Alexa, turn on the lights.

For example, Amazon’s Alexa is poised as the device of choice for the home. Amazon has been smart about making Echo devices affordable and available anywhere. Now, we can ask Alexa to order things for us, and she does. But Alexa can integrate with third party tools, not just Amazon online. That means Alexa is useful for home automation. We think that’s a low-friction way to drive home automation engagement. “Alexa, set the media room to movie mode.”

Faraday Future’s FF91…apparently, they aren’t faking it.

Tesla has few serious rivals in the EV market, but there are many coming. Soon. Faraday Future has gotten quite a bit of press, as they have been in the middle of several controversies. Controversy aside, they brought the FF91 an early pre-production to CES 2017 — stress “early.” The vehicle is looking good, and has excellent performance numbers in testing. But does the FF91 make any sort of sense, such that Faraday Future is going to survive?

Cyanogen is dead. Long live LineageOS.

We take a look at LineageOS, the survivor built on the ashes of Cyanogen. LineageOS is what you run on your Android-compatible device when you want a truly open source platform that lets you do whatever you like without vendor-modded Android tying your hands.

Thanks for nothing, Kaby Lake.

We ponder when good enough is good enough by comparing the non-upgrade that is the move from Intel Skylake to Kaby Lake CPUs. It’s the struggle of 14nm fab moving to 10nm fab while we’re stuck in the interim. And where’s AMD in all of this? Still mired in mediocrity?

North Sense does not make you a cyborg.

And finally…when can you call yourself a cyborg? North Sense things if you pierce yourself to attach a sensor, then yes…you’re a cyborg. We fervently disagree, and explain why. Hey, nothing wrong with attaching a sensor that vibrates when you’re facing north, but we don’t think that makes you a cyborg in any meaningful sense.

Today I learned…

The technosphere weighs 30 trillion tons.

Content I like…

Ethan and Eric discuss the latest movie entrant into the Star Wars canon, Rogue One. You know, it was…um…okay?

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