What exactly is Citizens of Tech?

The Citizens of Tech Podcast is not a show about gadgets and apps, at least not specifically. It’s not a show about networking. It’s not a constipated show about IT. Rather, it’s a show for nerds who like science, gaming, books, contrarian thinking, entertainment, space exploration, transportation, energy, complex world problems, and anything else that’s somehow technology-related. Sure, that might include gadgets, apps, IT, and so on, but we’re trying to appeal to a certain kind of mind — probably yours — and not to a certain kind of industry.

Your hosts are Eric Sutphen @zutfen and Ethan Banks @ecbanks.

Both Eric and Ethan are veterans of the IT wars…er… industry. While we occasionally get down and nerdy with IT “stuff,” CoT is geared towards those with a mind for things like science, astronomy, video games, trivia, and terrible, terrible puns. Seriously. They’re terrible. We’re so sorry.

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CoT Theme Song:

We have edited a version of “Something Elated” by Broke For Free – Under CC Attribution License via the Free Music Archive.