Have we lost our ability to think critically? – CoT 045

Have we lost our ability to think critically? http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/08/its-almost-impossible-to-correct-scientific-papers-once-they-are-published/ http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1890/ES10-00142.1/full Scientific findings are subject to peer review. Negative responses to scientific findings are published in the form of rebuttals. Formal treatments of the issues with the original paper, also subject to scientific scrutiny. The problem? Original articles are cited, while rebuttals are often not. “We…

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It’s Dangerous Flying at 60,000 km/s – CoT Episode 044

Take me to the Opera. http://www.opera.com/blogs/desktop/2016/04/free-vpn-integrated-opera-for-windows-mac/ Does anyone remember the Opera browser? In days of yore it was Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera Market share for Opera has fallen drastically in recent years with it hovering around what I deem an optimistic 5% of global market share. It is, however, according to wikipedia, the…

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Giant Magellan Telescope w/ Dr. Patrick McCarthy #043

Today we had the privilege to discuss the Giant Magellan Telescope with Project Lead and Interim President, Dr. Patrick McCarthy. Dr. McCarthy shed a lot of light on what is involved in a project of this scope, what kind of scientific advances are likely to occur, as well as general information about how telescopes of…

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Double Angular Adams – Citizens of Tech 042

Hello and welcome to the Citizens of Tech podcast – a show about science & technology of the past, present and future. We also discuss gaming, astronomy, renewable energy, automotive tech and anything else that may have caught our eye in recent days. Today on the show we have trivia about Douglas Adams, Streaming Music…

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Expiring Stochastic Passwords – Citizens of Tech 040

Show 040 – Expiring Stochastic Passwords Welcome to Episode number 40 of Citizens of Tech, the show about nerdy stuff, for nerdy people, by nerdy people. Today on the show we have: Expiring things, Compulsory Password Changes, Artificial neurons, XBox One version 2.0,  Deathwatch, TIL and extra bits and bobs along the way. Expiration dates…

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petrous bone
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Petrous Liver Transplants – Show 039

Show 039 – Petrous Liver Transplants On the show today, what we can learn from ancient wipe sticks, the incredible shrinking Moore, hand transplantation, and Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. Ancient Waste From An Ancient Place http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/07/2000-year-old-toilet-paper-gives-us-a-whiff-of-life-on-the-silk-road-in-china/ The Silk Road. An ancient, major trade route crossing China and into the Middle East. Some of it crosses desert,…

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Lymphatic Perovskite Windtortes – Show 036

Show 036 – Lymphatic Perovskite Windtortes Intro Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking, I’ve turned off the seat-belt sign, which means you are now free to move about the podcast. As a reminder this is flight number 36 of Citizens of Tech with service including new solar cells, Autonomous buses in Amsterdam, internet…

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